Sharp YOP20HII 1MB Electronic Organizer

  • PC-link cable & software are included for data backup/restore.
  • Enhanced English / Spanish word translator allows for approximately 20,000 English/Spanish word translations.
  • Large Display with backlight 12 x 3 line display
  • Synchronize with Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Diet function with pedometer

Product Description
Description: Sharp organizers are recognized all over the world as the source for getting organized. With the Sharp YO-P20H pen touch organizer at your fingertips, you’ll discover it has never been easier to store personal and business Product Description
Keep up to date on your hectic schedule with the affordable Sharp YOP20H electronic organizer with 1 MB of memory–which will store thousands of entries. This sleek, metallic, touch… More >>

Sharp YOP20HII 1MB Electronic Organizer

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