Q:Electronics Noise-Isolating Earbuds with Volume Control

  • Super-light, ear-buds perfect for active lifestyles
  • Noise-Isolating technology for clear sound
  • Strong, thick PVC cord
  • One (1) meter long cord
  • 3 black pad sizes to get a customized fit PLUS additional colors in one size included

Product Description
Designed to funnel pure sound clarity, the Noise-Isolating Ear Buds with in-line Volume Control, create the perfect listening experience with its snug fit padding that’s suitable for all-day wear. Replace those old uncomfortable earphones you’ve used for so long and start listening to clear, unimpeded sound with the Noise-Isolating Ear Buds. The Volume Control gives you the ability to turn down or crank up the volume. Whether your activity includes running miles on … More >>

Q:Electronics Noise-Isolating Earbuds with Volume Control

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