NerdKits USB Microcontroller Electronics Starter Kit

  • Learn digital electronics with the same hardware used by the pros
  • Includes LCD screen, buttons, buzzer, and more
  • Detailed, color instructions with theoretical and intuitive concept explanations
  • Cross-platform USB programmer & C compiler; use one kit for hundreds of projects
  • No soldering required! Avoid burning your chips or yourself.

Product Description
Challenge yourself: learn by doing. A NerdKit is a combination of electronic parts and wisdom, which together will teach you about digital electronics, embedded systems, and how to bridge computers with the “real world”. The electronics world has changed dramatically in the past few decades. We want to make sure that it’s still easy to get involved with modern technology, and to experience a challenging and rewarding hobby! Our kits are based around an Atmel ATmega1… More >>

NerdKits USB Microcontroller Electronics Starter Kit

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