• Song title, artist and album are showing on the head unit?s display using RDS technology
  • The iPod or iPhone remains unlocked for a quick and familiar way to browse for content
  • 13-button IR remote with shortcut buttons designed to allow easy navigation through folders, playlists, artists and albums
  • USB Flash Drive supports folder browsing up to 8 levels deep and up to 200 folders in each level
  • Hard wired and fully digital audio path from the iPod/USB to the FM modulator chip offers high quality noise-free sound

Product Description
The DICE FMRDS-USB Pro is an entertainment and information connectivity device that offers a USB digital connection for iPod and iPhone, direct connection for USB Flash-based mass storage device and input for the aftermarket SIRIUS Satellite Radio tuner and portable radios. FMRDS-USB Pro is Made for iPod (MFi) and Works with iPhone (WWi) compliant allowing a full featured iPod/iPhone experience over USB in the vehicle. The FMRDS-USB Pro features a completely digital… More >>


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