Blow Off 8 oz. 6-Pack Outfit – BlowOff Duster

  • BlowOff Duster removes dust from electronic products
  • An all-purpose sterilized cleaner that removes dust, dirt, and microscopic debris from hard-to-reach places.
  • BlowOff Duster is also safe on plastics, non-abrasive, and leaves no residue.
  • Blow Off 6-pack of 8 oz. Compressed Canned Air

Product Description
Blow Off Duster 8 oz. 6-Pack – Blow Off Air Gun ABLOWOFF6K1. Our BlowOff air duster and cleaner is specially formulated to clean computers and electronics, to prolong performance and longevity. Recommended For : Computers, Notebooks, Keyboards, Sewing Machines, Photo Equipment, Cash Registers, Printers, Fax Machines, Copiers, Telephones, Lab Equipment, TVs, VCRs, Typewriters, Vacuums, Scanners, Stereos, Watches, Clocks, Mailing Machines, Fans, Audio Equipment, Elect… More >>

Blow Off 8 oz. 6-Pack Outfit – BlowOff Duster

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